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about start bay notebooks


about start bay notebooks


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I am Peter and I have an interest (obsession) with notebooks, sketching and storytelling. This site will explain the reasons for my interest and hopefully share some information that may be useful to someone, somewhere. I will show details of what I do, why I do it and what I do it with. And I don't always look this serious - it was a photo I had done not long ago for a passport and I don't really have any others. 

About Start Bay Notebooks
About Start bay notebooks
About start bay notebooks

I have been making leather notebook covers for a few years from some of the finest, full grain, vegetable tanned leathers in the world. The traveler's notebook style allows for a modular approach to storing more than one notebook. But I also use several other types of notebooks and I will further expand on this with details of what I like and why.

I am a serial sketcher, doing freehand sketching with a very loose, impressionistic style, looking to capture a spirit of the urban environment rather than realism. I use different media from fountain pen and watercolour to pencil on paper that is captured digitally on a tablet. I will show you how I do what I do and different media for different outcomes.

I suppose I don't feel anything is complete without a good story. And the art of storytelling can be very powerful. This is why I started my Worldbuilding Journal project. A way to contextualise my random sketches with narrative, a way to express thoughts through an allegory of an imagined place.