A Start Bay Navigator Set Up

A Navigator Notebook is very versatile and lends itself to customisation of the set up. This is what a fairly typical set up could include:

  • Start Bay Navigator Notebook Cover
  • Clairefontaine A5 Lined Notebook
  • Rhodiarama dot notebook
  • Start Bay Double A5 Transparent Pocket Inserts
  • A5 side stapled sketch book

It's the best way of getting all of those things in one place, in a luxurious and rugged full grain leather cover. 

Start Bay Travelers Notebooks


  • Peter @ Start Bay Notebooks

    The transparent pocket inserts are coming very soon, hopefully over the weekend.

  • Dan Wilkinson

    Hi, you mentioned ‘transparent pocket inserts’ in the post. Are these coming to your site soon, or am I looking in the wrong place?

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