Join the dots - the rise of the dot grid format for notebooks

Over the past couple of years we have witnessed a meteoric rise in the use of the dot grid format for notebooks. They initially became a thing among creative types that didn't want to be constrained by a lined or even graph format but did want some form of framework within which to create. They were also the format for the Bullet Journal which further led to a rise in dot grid and the Rhodia Dotpad is the dot notepad of choice for many.   

Another advantage of dot grid is that it scans and photographs pretty 'clean' and the dots are not too apparent which lends itself nicely to sharing on social media platforms. It has now entered the mainstream and many people are choosing dot grid as a preferred choice for their note writing.

In the image shown are examples of dot grid that we recommend and sell. All of these are compatible with our Navigator the Dotpad is suitable for the Navigator Duo.

  • A new entrant to the dot grid market is the side stapled Rhodia Dotbook which is a very economical way of entering into this format
  • For the more serious we recommend the Rhodiarama Softback. Other alternatives are Leuchtturm1917 and the Bullet Journal itself
  • For a notepad (top stapled) it has to be the Rhodia Dotpad

As you can see, we are pretty dotty about Rhodia - it's a paper thing. You can check out all of the notebooks and more on our NOTEBOOKS page. 

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