Start Bay Navigator 4D Journaling - a way of life.

We have been asked about the journaling system that we use at Start Bay Notebooks as it has appeared in a couple of our images. The system is 4D Journaling and it was originally conceived as a strategic planning, time management, project management and recording tool - so how boring does that sound? And not only that, but it started life as a wire frame being developed on paper that was intended to become computer software!
But that's where the problem lay.......
Start Bay Navigator 4D Journaling
.....the more the system was developed on paper the more important the paper became and the more important that the writing process became. The notebooks in which the system was being devised were becoming treasured - and they couldn't be replaced by a digital interface; it just wouldn't be the same.
So that's where it all came from and I will blog again about how the system became refined into a four notebook planning and journal tool - and eventually what the 4D's are, of course. 

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