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NFTs from Start Bay Notebooks
NFTs from Start Bay Notebooks

enter the world of Principium
- Surreal Estate


NFTs frfom Start Bay Notebooks

a rare chance to buy NFT property in Principium

Own the original digital files as an NFT - single unique ownership. I intend  to have six drops of 20 properties per drop and equally distributed across the four towns in Principium.

additional content

Unlock Reward Nuggets included in the Deeds towards free NFT: Principium MagaMap120 - the first 120 buildings

NFTs from Start Bay Notebooks
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NFTs from Start Bay Notebooks

reward nuggets

Each NFT property includes Reward Nuggets unique to that building. These are distributed on an entirely fair and equitable basis.

They can be collected towards gaining a free limited edition NFT of The Principium MegaMap 120 - The first 120 buildings, which will include locations and copies of each building. This will be available prior to the release of all the drops and can be used to see what buildings will be coming.

NFTs from Start Bay Notebooks
NFTs from Start Bay Notebooks

the towns

02 Belua.png

NEWCOMEN - A fishing port and cargo dock in the North, symbolised by the Belua Fish to represent the old prosperity, tradition and work ethic.

01 Code.png

HIGH GATES - A coastal town in the East reimagined by the new inhabitants. Symbolised by the code, representing the new world and the way in which things are changing.

03 Craft.png
04 Gadgets.png

ARTIFICIUM - The town of art and creativity in the South East. The craft goblet represents art and creativity but also alternative ways and methods. 

SOUTHVILLE - Where the travellers settled in the South. Symbolised by the gadget to represent ingenuity, invention and making good.  

more info on NFT drops will be posted on the blog