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How I planned the new website in a pocket notebook

Big doodles, big writing, small notebook.
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I thought I'd include a blog about how I planned the new website - it partly illustrates the way I think and how images are important to my planning process.

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All of the new site was planned, as you would expect, in a notebook. So I thought I'd show an extract from it - to show how I plan things.

These are a few of the pages from the pocket notebook I used to plan the new website. I thought this may be of interest and you see it basically boils down to big doodles, big words, small notebooks.

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How I Plan

The best way to plan for me is from the top layer down - it's like having sound foundations in reverse. In fact my planning pretty much only involves the top layer. The nitty gritty can be filled in later, and that's a bit long and tedious but has to be done.

"If you can't visualise it, it's just a load of words that you may, or may not, ever be bothered to read again"

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It's all a bit like process mapping with the plan being the tool that graphically show the series of inputs, actions and outputs in a step by step map of the process. You still have to fell in the underneath but this will become a lot easier if the top layer is sound.

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Even the process of planning the pages and navigation of a website can put things into place to determine what you actually do - whatever that may be.

I don't like too many words (an odd thing to say in a blog post maybe?) but unless you're reading a great work of literary fiction or profound humour there's no need for too many words.

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So my method, put very simply, is big doodles and big words - it all becomes quite visual and easy to follow. And doing this in a small notebook means you have to be economical and just consider the pertinent points and structure. That's what planning is all about.

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