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Principium NFTs - What you get

What's included with a Principium NFT?

Principium NFTs from Start Bay Notebooks

Additional Content / Benefits
NFTs from Start Bay Notebooks

In addition to ownership of the NFT property the owner also has access to downloadable content in the form of:


These include narrative about the property, a map of where the property is located in Principium and a set of Reward Nuggets.

'Virtual Property in a virtual world'
NFTs from Start Bay Notebooks

Reward Nuggets

In addition to the narrative narrative and map, each deed comes with a series of 10 reward nuggets based on the properties of the building and it's location.

The reward nuggets are always distributed in a series of 4, 3, 2, 1 and buildings in e.g. Newcomen will have four nuggets of 'belua' the symbol for this town. It will also then have three nuggets of another type, two of another and one of another. The nuggets are distributed evenly to ensure there is no contrived rarity.

NFTs from Start Bay Notebooks

The Reward Nuggets are shown at the bottom of the deeds in the form of the town symbols.

An individual collection owned by a single investor that includes the required Reward Nuggets of the same type grants ownership of a very limited edition NFT - The Megamap120 -First 120 Buildings.

NFTs from Start Bay Notebooks

As I have said elsewhere, I intend to launch the NFT range only when the buying conditions and the need for cryptocurrency becomes a system that is open to all. The current method for purchase and ownership feels, to me, like it is something of a world intentionally shrouded in mystery when the principal is actually quite simple. That needs to be avoided, in my opinion.

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