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Principium NFTs - The Concept

The thinking behind Principium - Surreal Estate NFT Collection

NFTs from Start Bay Notebooks
Why NFTs?

My current process outputs as a truly digital only file (not scanned or photocopied) so the sketches lend themselves to being minted as NFTs allowing the opportunity for owning the original as sole ownership applies, a rare chance to own hand rendered craziness in the digital world of NFTs.

I intend to make available the world of Principium property to own and trade. Each NFT is truly unique and has its defined place in the world of Principium. There will be unlockable content only available to the owner, and other benefits. The collection will have a high rarity factor as it is limited to the capacity of hand rendering and will be issued as a series of drops of 20 properties - full details of timescale of drops is to follow.

“There is nothing random in Principium and nothing about it is really imaginary”
NFTs from Start Bay Notebooks

What is Principium - Surreal Estate?

A collection of NFTs of digital output from my analogue (pencil on paper) input. Each NFT is a truly unique hand rendered property located in one of the towns in Principium. The whole collection is based on the first 120 hybrid sketches I did for my worldbuilding journal.

There is a fairness in the even distribution across the towns meaning that no false rarity is created from 'limited edition' properties in certain towns. All towns and all additional content and benefits is done on the basis of parity, not elitism. Despite what it may seem, Principium is a fair place, often made so by the symbiotic relationship between the towns, relying on each other for different resources. But this is a relationship that can be fragile and require a sense of balance.

The symbols of the tows in Principium are:

BELUA - The town Symbol of NEWCOMEN. Belua is the iconic catch of the Newcomen fishing folk. It symbolises the old prosperity, the tradition. the work ethic, the foundations on which Newcomen was built.

CODE - The town symbol of HIGH GATES. The code is the symbol of the new world, the changing world, changing beyond the recognition of what used to be seen as the traditional values.

CRAFT - The town symbol of ARTIFICIUM. Craft is the symbol of art, inspiration, imagination, creativity. But it also represents alternative ways and methods - a sense of not following a predetermined path.

GADGET - The town symbol of SOUTHVILLE. This is the symbol of Southville, where the travellers settled. It represents ingenuity, invention, making good. It also symbolises a sense of bravery and determination.

NFTs from Start Bay Notebooks

I intend to launch the NFT range only when the buying conditions for ownership and the need for cryptocurrency becomes a system that is open to all. The current method for purchase and ownership feels, to me, like it is something of a world intentionally shrouded in mystery when the principal is actually quite simple. That needs to be avoided, in my opinion.

Look out for further developments in NFTs.
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