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Start Bay Notebooks - why the new look?

Updated: Aug 5

The website looks different - and I thought I should explain why.
Start Bay Notebooks

I have changed the website. And this is because I didn't think it really reflected me. And because I wanted to show more about the other things I get up to and to combine things all of these in one place. It also felt like things weren't very personal, me hiding behind a list of leather covers that I make. Because I'm not a corporation, I'm just an enthusiast like you.

Start Bay Notebooks

I wanted to show my love for sketching and tell you a bit about why I like doing it, and even how to do it - if you're interested.

And to tell you about some of the stationery I use for different things - what I think is good, and what maybe not so good.

And finally, my passion for storytelling which has been for as long as I remember. Because things don't always have to be how you see them - or how you are told to see them. I am passionate about adding context and narrative to my sketches that doesn't always reflect what was there - but how I perceived things to be.

NFTs from Start Bay Notebooks
NFTs from Start Bay Notebooks

And all of this leads me on to the possibility of:

A rare chance to buy original digital file NFT property in the world of Principium - with additional content included.

But more on that to follow.

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