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Worldbuilding Journal Examples

Updated: Jul 29

Sample entries from my Worldbuilding Journal

It's easy to explain my Worldbuilding Journal but it probably makes even more sense to see a couple of examples. Below are examples from my my Principium Journal. Both of the drawings are sketched from something real but I don't remember the references of where or how, location, a photo I took or one I found - because they become a new reality to me; a more personal, meaningful reality.


The Crack Nightclub

The Crack Nightclub is in Newcomen, the old fishing port and cargo dock on the North Coast of Principium. To me this town represents old ways of doing things, a traditional world of work. The nightclub is in the basement of the Pavement Hotel (I used to go to a nightclub in the basement of a hotel in Birmingham and have played there with my old band). The Pavement Hotel evokes the decadent facades of some of the old seaside hotels, struggling to keep up with a changing world. And the Crack Nightclub symbolises the more seedy side of what some old seaside resorts have become. And I couldn't resist the pun of the crack in the pavement!

The Poison Restaurant

The Poison Restaurant is in High Gates, the town that represents new tech, new ideas and the new rich - people that it's easy to both mock and admire at the same time. My imagined world is in no particular place in history as there is no need for it to be, it is an imagined time in a place that is starting to realise the possibilities of digital technology and computerisation. The restaurant is on the ground floor of luxury apartments and its name alludes to a trendy new way of naming things (a comparison can also be drawn to The Ivy Restaurant). But amongst all of the high cleverness I like the irony of the name The Poison being the result of a spelling mistake of the word 'poisson' because it serves a lot of fish. People, I think, can sometimes be a bit too clever.


I will post more about process mapping a Worldbuilding Journal and details of my own in the 'Worldbuiling' section of the blog.

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