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Worldbuilding Journal - How It Came About

Updated: Jul 29

An introduction to how the Worldbuilding Journal came about and why I do it.

Worldbuilding from Start Bay Notebooks

Worldbuilding Process

My 'Worldbuilding process came about because I was sketching sometimes on location and sometimes from photos, either mine or off the internet. Time, resource and lock downs made this inevitable for me, and a lot of other people. But rather than just do a lot of random, unconnected sketches I wanted to put them into a place, giving them a context and a narrative and create a world in which they were interconnected.

“Have you ever felt like a tourist in a place you wished you were a part of?”

So I had a lot of sketches of buildings that I really enjoyed doing. But I wanted them to be more than a pile of sketches - I wanted them to have a context, a place to belong, a world to put them in with its own narrative. So I created one - my imagined world of Principium provides the framework for contextualising the sketches.

Worldbuilding from Start Bay Notebooks
An Alternative Journal

I created a place that had four towns with different characteristics, people and skills, towns that held difference relevance for me. My sketches populated the towns and they started to take on more meaning and character, becoming a microcosm of my views on different aspects of the world revealed through the allegory of the different towns and the people who I imagined lived and worked in these towns.

My Worldbuilding Journal, as I was starting to call it, was having more meaning and became of more benefit that I had originally imagined it may be. Things could be recorded and memories and comments made that I couldn't, and wouldn't want to, say and record in their real form. It made it a lot easier to express views if they were expressed as metaphors.

And, of course, the concepts of allegory, metaphor and parody were hardly something new. In fact, some of the oldest stories in the world are allegoric. But this only proves it has a sound background.

"the more you worldbuild, the more you discover about yourself - and what you are capable of, both good and bad"

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