The Pen Tester / Notebook is perfect for testing inks or for doing short notes. They are made from the same full grain leather as our covers and burnished and edge coated in the same way. 

They are 100mm x 50mm and contain 48 sheets of specially selected 140gsm paper that is ideal for smudge and blot testing of inks and other media but also has a smooth texture to write on. That's quite a combination - try it to believe it!

This is all held within a hinged ring meaning that the sheets can be rearranged or removed. 

Collectors Notes on Availability:
Original Brown / Midnight Blue / Stately Green / Chic Tan - Standard
Paisley Brown / Paisley Tan - Rare
Art Deco Midnight Blue - Rare


Availability: While our products are handmade we keep stocks and pride ourselves on our service and availability. Products are usually dispatched within 1 - 2 working days of ordering. 

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